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KTLA: MDRH Dr. Lipeles

Dr. Jamie Lipeles

Digital Download of Dr. Lipeles' Interview w/ KNX-AM 1070 About Early Induction Because of COVID-19

Article in CBS Philly: Doctor Skeptical Of New Fad Touting Benefits Of Consuming Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is an ingredient that claims to cleanse and purify. It was first in beauty products, but it can now be found in some food and drinks and it’s even touted as a remedy for indigestion and hangovers.

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Ultrasensitive AMH assay may predict final menstrual period

Regular testing for HIV is part of pregnancy these days, which bumps up the chance you might get a false-positive result. Experts explain why that can happen.

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Parade Quotes Dr. Lipeles: Some Partners Are Being Banned From the Delivery Room Due to Coronavirus: Here's What Pregnant Women Think

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Article in Providence: A Different Kind of Cesarean Section

"Every mother has envisioned what a perfect delivery would be. When you have a vaginal delivery, the new parents are typically surrounded by family, a doula or midwife and the nurses. There is often a sense of tranquility and peace in the labor and delivery room. With a C-section, most doctors see it as a surgery. Yes, it’s surgery, but we can’t forget that there is a patient who is becoming a mother."

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Article in BusinessWire: Study Shows Statistically Significant Reduction in Mothers' Pain Following Cesarean Section with Use of Innovative Retractor

"Use of Applied Medical's Alexis® O C-Section Protector/Retractor Has Shown Statistically Significant Reduction in Mothers’ Surgical Site Infections, Bleeding and Postoperative Pain"

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Article in the BUMP: Best Songs For Labor And Delivery

"Feeling a little apprehensive as your due date approaches? Totally understandable — childbirth is a bit daunting. (But man, is it worth it.) Let us clue you in on a little trick: Prepping a few songs for labor and delivery can help you relax and power through the tough parts."

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WCCO - CBS Minnesota: Health Experts Question Benefits of Activated Charcoal