How to fix my leaking urine with No surgery & NO down time!

FemiLift story shared by Laura (55 y/o mom of 3)


Laura Peterson, 55 year old teacher from Marina Del Rey, CA had the FemiLift CO2 vaginal rejuvination treatment after years dealing with stress urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity and vaginal dryness. "after having 3 kids by natural labor things have never been the same down there."

Laura brags that she was convinced to get the minimally invasive treatment after her friend had amazing results after only 3 treatments.  "my friend had breast cancer and thus couldnt use hormones to help her vaginal dryness.  She noticed a huge difference in the tighness and natural lubrication after one month of starting the vaginal laser treatment!"  When Laura did some research on the femilift she found out that not only can the Co2 laser help with her vaginal laxity but it can also cure her of her incontinence.


shockingly fast results: 

Laura signed up for 3 laser treatements (seperated by one month each).  Within 2 week after the first treatment she started noticing a difference in the amount of lubrication her vagina had.  She found that although not cured, her leaking urine with her daily activites was already improving.  During her third and final treatment, I offered Laura a free 4th treatment.  Her response floored me....Laura said that her stress incontince was gone and that her love life was changed for the better for ever!  She asked if she could bank the free offer for her once a year recommended one time treatment for a year later.  

femilift changed laura's life:

After having undgone the 3 treatments, Laura has gone to hawaii with her husband twice and was able to wear a bathing suit without having the fear of leaking urine when she walks around.  According to Laura, "after the treatment, our trips to Hawaii were like being on a honeymood again both in the room and out of the room hehe".




Dr. Jamie Lipeles OB/GYN

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