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C-section Specialist in Marina Del Rey

For women that will have a c-section birth, it is beneficial to use the most gentle surgical approach possible.

Dr. Jamie Lipeles of Marina OBGYN is renowned for his natural/gentle approach to performing C-sections.

Dr. Lipeles has perfected his method of C-sections, which offer both a more enjoyable birthing experience and quicker recovery than traditional C-sections. She invites women throughout Marina Del Rey, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Venice, Westchester, El Segundo, Playa Vista, Culver City and the greater South Bay area to schedule a consultation with her at her offices at Marina OB/GYN, conveniently located in Marina Del Rey and Hawthorne, California.

C-Section Specialist Marina Del Rey

In what situations may a C-section delivery be planned?

A C-section may be recommended in advance for a variety of reasons. Among the most common:

  • a breech presenting baby (feet or buttocks first)
  • a baby expected to be too big for the expecting mother's pelvis
  • a mother carrying multiple babies
  • a mother who previously required a C-section

Additionally, unplanned C-sections are performed if the baby or the mother appear to be in distress.

The old way of doing c-sections.

Though a cesarean (C-section) is the most common surgery in the United States (with some 4 million babies born this way every year), many women that find out they will be delivering via C-section feel a major disappointment.

With a traditional c-section, some women feel robbed of the most important and anticipated moment in their pregnancy, which is giving birth. It's easy to understand why. During a standard C-section, a woman's view of her baby entering the world is shielded by a curtain, her arms are restrained and her baby is quickly whisked away, without skin-to-skin contact or breastfeeding. However, a c-section does not have to be this way, thanks to the innovative process developed at Marina OB/GYN known as the Gentle/Natural Cesarean, or Natural C-Section.

What Is a Gentle/Natural Cesarean?

By contrast, the Natural C-section, developed by Dr. Lipeles after countless hours of extensive research, provides as close an experience to a vaginal birth as possible. Dr. Lipeles created this revolutionary approach to C-sections to create the same compassionate care that is offered to women during a vaginal birth experience.

A Natural C-section has many benefits over the standard c-section procedure, such as:

No arm restraints

A woman is not put in arm restraints during the Gentle/Natural C-section, which allows her to snuggle with her new baby. The baby remains in the operating room on mom's chest while Dr. Lipeles completes the surgery, provided the baby is healthy enough and does not require any immediate care. Holding your new bundle of joy in the first moments of life provides the first bonding experience between you and your newborn. Additionally, the comfort of holding your child on your chest helps soothe the mother as the surgery is finalized. When mothers feel this sense of calming peace, it is beneficial for mother and baby alike.

Hold your baby without monitoring wires in the way

Monitoring wires are placed where they won't impede the mother's ability to hold and bond with her baby. It’s a small change, but it can make all the difference to a mother and her newborn by making the experience more comfortable. Extra steps like this are what sets Dr. Lipeles’ Natural C-section apart from standard c-section procedures. At Marina OB/GYN, your comfort matters. Monitoring wires are necessary for your safety, but our provider ensures they do not get in the way of bonding with your baby.

Get support from family members during childbirth

A woman’s husband or partner and family members can participate (as much as is safe) in the birthing process. This is unfortunately not always possible with a traditional c-section. With a Gentle C-section, the pregnant woman has the added support, compassion, and comfort of familiar faces that she wishes to be a part of the delivery. What’s more, having the child’s father be one of the first faces the baby sees, or one of the first voices the baby hears, is just as important as the child being able to do so with the mother. At Marina OB/GYN, we encourage families to bond in as safe a way as possible starting from birth.

Sheer curtains for a better view

A woman has the option to watch her baby enter the world through a sheer curtain. This is often the most exciting and momentous part of childbirth, and our providers at Marina OB/GYN do not want you to miss out on it. Giving birth to each child, for many women, is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience. By contrast, a standard c-section uses an opaque curtain that does not allow a mother to see past the waist area.

Enjoy skin-to-skin contact with your baby

With a Natural C-Section, both mother and baby get to enjoy immediate skin to skin bonding in the operating room (if mom and baby are stable). Studies show that immediate skin to skin eases the transition of the baby into the world. The first seconds of life are regarded by some as the scariest time in one's life. The Natural C-section makes the total experience far more pleasant and enjoyable for both mom and baby.

Breastfeed right away

A woman is able to begin breastfeeding in the operating room if the baby begins rooting. For mothers who choose to breastfeed, this will be an essential part of making sure their babies into strong and healthy adults, and the earlier the process begins, the better.

Play the music of your choice

The expectant mother's music choice is played throughout the delivery. Music has the power to soothe a mother during delivery, reducing stress and setting the tone for a pleasant childbirth experience. This is highly beneficial when giving birth in an unfamiliar setting such as an operating room and helps the mother feel more at home. Music is truly therapeutic. For mothers that do not wish to have music playing, that is also certainly an option. Our provider wants you to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

No organs are removed during c-section surgery

With the Natural C-section, no organs are removed from the mother's body as generally happens with a standard cesarean section procedure. Instead, the mother’s intestines and bladder are gently moved aside while staying within the abdominal cavity. This allows your c-section surgeon to gain better access to the uterus, or womb, in order to perform the c-section delivery. In traditional C-sections, the uterus is at least partly moved outside of the body in order to deliver the baby. Dr. Lipeles takes a conservative approach, understanding that being extra gentle reduces tissue trauma and makes recovery easier for the mother.

Brief hospital stays

With the Natural C-section, the hospital stay is rarely more than 2 days post op. Many new mothers are eager to spend private time alone with their newborn outside of a hospital setting. For many women, this is when they feel motherhood truly begins. Our provider aims to allow new mothers to transition home as soon as it is the ethically and medically appropriate choice for mother and baby.

How does recovery from Dr. Lipeles' Gentle/Natural C-Section differ?

Despite how common c-section births are today, a c-section is still considered a major surgery.

With a traditional C-section, recovery is far longer and more difficult than a vaginal delivery. However, thanks to the gentle care of Dr. Lipeles’ Natural C-Section, that trend is changing. Many women who undergo the procedure are able to eat immediately following surgery, go home from the hospital in only 2 days, are up walking within 14 hours, and frequently report feeling pain-free in just two weeks.

C-Section Specialist Marina Del Rey

How is this faster recovery possible?

Most of the time, the additional pain and recovery time that is experienced by patients is largely due to the physician not taking his or her time in performing the surgery.

Because the schedule of an OB/GYN is so busy, physicians often time rush through the cesarean section. Dr. Jamie Lipeles takes a different approach that is gentle and never rushed. He gives each new mother and baby the care and attention they deserve. Performing a cesarean section that minimizes pain after the procedure takes a bit more time than some obstetrician(s) are willing to offer. If the cesarean section is performed in a caring and compassionate form with great finesse (with respect for the muscles and all the layers in the abdominal cavity), the pain, in most cases, is minimal.

The difference is in the Natural C-section technique

Dr. Lipeles has spent years studying all the steps in a cesarean section and identified those that contribute to most of the post-op pain women tend to experience. With this information, he created a surgical approach that minimizes pain during c-section recovery.

Local anesthesia for pain reduction

Dr. Lipeles has perfected a technique that involves the placing of a device that delivers local anesthetic directly into the wound (between the deep structures of the body) during the Natural C-Section. Doing so greatly reduces a mother’s pain and discomfort both during, and for up to 24 hours after, the procedure.

Closures that are gentle, yet strong — no staples needed

Dr. Lipeles also employs a double layer closure of the uterus on every new mom and only uses dissolvable sutures (never staples). Along with minimizing pain, this approach gives women the option of a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean section) for subsequent pregnancies, if desired.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Lipeles’ patients have an unmatched VBAC rate. Dr. Lipeles’ surgical technique also increases the likelihood that the lower uterine segment will heal and be thick enough to support many more pregnancies in the future (thus, patients won't be limited in how many cesarean sections they can safely have).

Make Gentle C-Section part of your pregnancy plan

Ultimately, there’s one person in charge of your pregnancy, and that’s your baby. The best laid plans of mom and OB/GYN often go awry when baby decides it’s time to see the world.

That’s why it’s important to make decisions about what kind of delivery you want now, so that you and your doctor can be on the same page in advance. As the originator of the Gentle C-Section technique, there is nobody more qualified to determine what aspects of a Gentle C-Section will work for your pregnancy should you require an unplanned delivery. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Lipeles today to learn about your options for Gentle C-Section.