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Afraid a sneeze, cough or good belly laugh will exacerbate your urinary incontinence? If so, chances are you’re a candidate for CO2 laser treatment performed by Dr. Jamie Lipeles at Marina OB/GYN, located in Marina Del Rey and Hawthorne, California. Dr. Jamie Lipeles, is an expert in CO2 vaginal laser treatments, have improved urinary stress incontinence for countless women throughout Marina Del Rey, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Venice, Westchester, Playa Vista, Culver City and the greater and South Bay area.

Incontinence Q & A

What is urinary incontinence?

Up to a third of women in the United States suffer from urinary incontinence, which is the involuntary loss of urine. This can range from the occasional, minor leakage to a severe loss of bladder control. It’s an issue that can put a damper of one’s quality of life, to say the least. The risk of urinary incontinence increases with age, in large part due to the loss of estrogen that accompanies menopause. In addition, incontinence is frequently caused by pelvic floor stress sustained during pregnancy and/or childbirth.

How does Dr. Lipeles treat urinary incontinence?

Forget the panty liners and disposable inserts, advances in non-surgical, drug-free technology now offer a permanent fix for women of all ages who suffer from urinary stress incontinence. The FemiLift CO2 laser procedure can help control mild to moderate degrees of incontinence by rejuvenating the tissues and muscles that support the bladder and the urethra. This is achieved through the laser’s ability to stimulate the production of new collagen and shrinking tissues, leaving them firmer, more flexible and more resilient. Hundreds of women have benefited from this treatment at Marina OB/GYN,  performed by Dr. Lipeles, who has extensive experience in using FemiLift’s breakthrough technology for women of all ages.

What kind of results can I expect from CO2 laser treatments for incontinence?

Dr. Lipeles has seen this procedure totally cure incontinence for many patients who suffer from mild to moderate cases. Even those with severe incontinence will experience some improvement, if not a total remedy. Dr. Lipeles recommends CO2 laser as first-line treatment for all of his patients who suffer from stress urinary incontinence. Only a very small minority of women require surgical intervention.

Is treatment painful?

Some women may experience some moderate discomfort, but treatment is not painful nor does it does require any downtime.

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