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GentleMax Pro Specialistin Marina Del Rey

One of the most exciting innovations for treating age spots, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, skin redness, and laser hair removal is the Candela GentleMax Pro.

In addition to gynecological and obstetrics services, we meet the needs of women that are seeking the latest cosmetic skin treatments at a facility with trained medical doctors that assure improved comfort and safety of each treatment we perform.

What is GentleMax Pro?

GentleMax Pro is a dual-wavelength laser machine that combines the benefits of an Alexandrite laser with the Nd:YAG laser in one device.

Think of it as the best of both worlds for correction of cosmetic skin concerns like dark marks, redness, visible veins, and unwanted body hair. With the ability to correct a host of cosmetic concerns women frequently experience throughout life, our provider at Marina OB/GYN makes these treatments more convenient and readily accessible.

GentleMax Pro Uses

GentleMax Pro has a wide range of uses to enhance a woman’s appearance. It is effective for hair removal on most skin types — something other laser hair removal treatments can’t offer. But the benefits of GentleMax Pro do not end there. The device also effectively treats skin with rosacea, pigmented lesions, hemangiomas, redness in the face, and spider veins, among others.

Laser hair removal

GentleMax laser hair removal is a non-invasive permanent hair reduction option that transmits light energy into hair follicles in order to stop hair growth where you don’t want it. While traditional hair removal devices can be more painful, GentleMax Pro uses a patented cooling system to keep the top layer of the skin cool and comfortable as the laser is pulsed along the skin. This significantly reduces discomfort during the procedure, so our patients can enjoy smooth, hairless skin with as little pain as possible.

Hemangiomas (birthmarks)

A bright red birthmark is called a hemangioma, and it often forms within the first two weeks of life. Hemangiomas on the face are a common complaint, but these unsightly birthmarks can occur virtually anywhere on the body. Luckily, the GentlaMax laser can treat them successfully with no downtime. The GentleMax Pro for birthmarks works by reducing the pigment in the skin using laser technology. The device gets rid of red birthmarks with virtually no pain.

Pigmented lesions

Treating liver spots (lentigines) and dark marks is possible with the GentleMax Pro device. There are many lasers for age spots, but our provider finds that brown spot removal is often most effective using a combination of lasers. Since the GentleMax Pro harnesses the power of two distinct lasers in one, age spot removal is highly effective.

GentleMax for spider veins

Vascular lesions such as blood vessels on the face or spider veins on the legs can be easily treated with the GentleMax Pro laser system. In fact, many patients find that the device provides remarkable results with as little as 1 treatment. Additionally, it is a fast procedure that generally takes about 15 to 30 minutes to perform, depending on the size of the area that is treated. GentleMax Pro pain is low; Therefore, a topical anesthetic is rarely necessary for laser spider vein treatments. This spider vein laser has a very high patient satisfaction rating. It’s an easy way to reduce vascular imperfections on both the face and body.

GentleMax for rosacea & diffuse facial redness

Red skin on the face happens to nearly everyone at some point. However, persistent facial redness can be a real burden to women with sensitive skin or reactive skin types. The G-Max Pro laser works to calm red facial skin and treat rosacea so patients can enjoy a more calm, even complexion — free of face flushing. Treating facial redness allows women to reveal their true beauty, without feeling the need to wear daily makeup, such as a high coverage foundation, to hide their complexion.

Why have GentleMax Pro at Marina OB/GYN?

Marina OB/GYN, located in Marina Del Rey, California wants every woman in Marina Del Rey and surrounding areas such as Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Venice, Westchester, El Segundo, Playa Vista, Culver City, Hawthorne, and the greater South Bay area to have access to the latest aesthetic technology. The convenience of having cosmetic laser treatments available alongside your women’s wellness visit is unmatched. We want our patients to live healthy and beautiful lives.

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